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Computer use

If you hold a free library card you can't establish Wi-Fi-connection.
If you are a fee-paying member of the library, we strongly recommend the use of "ogyk-auth" Wi-Fi-connection, which ensures unlimited internet access. Connecting the network for the first time takes only a few minutes (please consult the user's manuals below).
To set-up WiFi connections, please refer to the on-duty reference librarian for assistance.
On our Wi-Fi network, only http and https protocols may be used. Users may connect only 2 device to the network concurrently.
Manuals (PDF) to help you establish the "ogyk-auth" Wi-Fi connection:
Windows 11 | Windows 10 | Windows 7 | Android | iOS

Computers are available in the reading room, but readers are encouraged to bring their own electronic devices (laptop, tablet).

All registered users are entitled to use the computers available in the reading room. The username is the same as the library card number, the password is the password you entered when you registered. You can change your password in your online reader account.

A registration card entitles patrons to use a limited range of the computer services free of charge. They may use the catalogue, look up statutes and reach websites of the library, the Hungarian National Assembly and international organizations.

Fee-paying patrons may have access to all the services, that is, they may look up bibliographical data, search the electronic catalogues and sources of information, create and save documents of their own, use the word processor, create presentations, handle spreadsheets and access the Internet.

You can use your pendrive, CD, DVD (the latter two are compatible with notebooks only) and other data carriers.

A Headphone and a mouse can be loaned at the information desk.

The users’ computers can be used to print black and white hard copies of A4 format. Regarding fees of services please consult the Fee schedule.

If necessary, the library may set a time-limit on computer-use or temporarily introduce a computer-booking system.

Users can use the computers of their own. In this case, they have to show it to the librarian at the registration desk before entering the main reading room.


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