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Press Reviews Database

Press Reviews Database

As one of the self-developed bibliographic databases the Library of Parliament had systematically been building for decades, our Press Reviews Database - updated until 2016 - was formed by merging the former PressDok (Hungarian Press Reviews) and HunDok (Foreign Press Reviews) databases:

Hungarian Press Reviews (PressDok)

We had been reviewing the domestic press since 1989 until recently and provided bibliographic descriptions and abstracts of articles in 100-plus dailies, weeklies and periodicals that cover politics, public life, economy, law, social sciences and culture.

The database helps you follow developments in domestic politics and economy, statements by public personalities, announcements by parties and other political or business organizations and interest groups, as well as analyses by think tanks and opinion leaders. The database is an ideal tool for analysing Hungarian press responses to domestic political and economic developments and events in the European Union and elsewhere in the world. Launched at the time of Hungary’s political transition, it also serves as a unique chronicle of developments in politics, economy and public life over the past quarter of a century.

Foreign Press Reviews (HunDok)

Started in 1991, this database provided bibliographic descriptions and abstracts of foreign analytical articles about Hungary and the rest of East-Central Europe. We reviewed 20-plus major dailies and weeklies, including publications issued in neighbouring countries in Hungarian.

This database tells you what the world considers as noteworthy in Hungary and elsewhere in East-Central Europe and what the key international political and economic tendencies are.

The database includes bibliographic records of English, German and French language articles, predominantly. Due to the growing number of full-text foreign language online resources, the selection of journals is now focusing on Hungarian language articles about cross-border Hungarian communities.


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