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Printing and copying services


Our readers can also print from their own device (smartphone, tablet or notebook), which they can print on the marked copier in the library's briefing room.

It is important to connect your own device to the library WIFI network (OGYK-AUTH) and open the following website in a browser: login.ogyk.hu

In the login area, the reader can print the printout sent from the mobile device on the machine closest to the uploading machine.

You can read more about the service here.

Copying services

Copies can be ordered in black and white and in colour, in A4 and A3 formats, using conventional or digital techniques. Hard copies and digital copies also can be ordered.

When fulfilling requests for copying, the library adheres to Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright.

Only the digital copy can be ordered and special permission on a case by case basis is needed if you request copies of any of the following documents:

  • rare books and manuscripts dating to before 1850,
  • documents in poor condition.

Only the digital copy can be ordered for the following documents:

  • rare books and manuscripts,
  • bound documents that are bigger than A4 size.

No copies can be requested of the following types of documents:

  • the protected, first runs of documents of the special collection of the Hungarian Parliamentary Collection,
  • doctoral dissertations,
  • dissertations of candidates of science (old-style PhD),

Self-service copying

You can make hard copies and digital copies of documents of the library on copy machines near the information desk. You have to abide by provisions of the copyright law.

Please note that you cannot copy bound works larger than A4 because that could damage the documents and the copiers. Instead, you can submit a request for such service.

For using copy machines you need a PIN code that you can create yourself. If you have any kind of library card you have an account on which you can upload a certain amount of credits. Credits can be uploaded anytime.

Should you buy a one-day pass, you can use your own digital camera or other digital copying device. Regarding fees of services please consult the Fee schedule.

Requesting copies

Please visit the information desk if you wish to request copies of library documents. There you can agree on a deadline until which our staff prepares them for you.


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