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Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection

The Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection consists of approximately 8000 volumes covering various subject areas ranging from law, politics, legislation, public administration and history to geography, economics, theology, military sciences and literature. There are 25 books in the collection published in the 16th century and a significant slice of the collection dates from the 17-18th century including first editions of laws, regulations and comprehensive works on church law, private law, constitutional law or public law.

An MP and established book collector, Ignác Ghyczy’s (1799–1870) bequest donated by his heirs to the then Library of the House of Representatives in 1872 serves as a remarkable part of the collection. Our rare books related to Hungarian parliamentarism come from Pressburg county magistrate and parliamentary envoy, György Gyurikovits’ (1780–1848) bequest.

Our oldest book is a 1517 edition of István Werbőczy’s Tripartitum. Further highly valuable volumes in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection are Bonfini’s Rerum Ungaricum edited by János Zsámboki (1581), Ortelius’ Theatrum orbis terrarum (1595), Ferenc Nádasdi’s Mausoleum (1664), Articuli of the Ónod Diet (1707) and Sámuel Decsy’s book on the Holy Crown and the crown jewels (1792).
Special rules apply to the use of our rare books and manuscripts. These documents can read be read in the small reading room under the supervision of the on-duty reference librarian.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Exhibition Space

In Room No. 26 GF the Library has arranged its Rare Books and Manuscripts Exhibition Space with a purpose of preserving and showcasing these legally protected, rare and valuable volumes under optimal climatic circumstances. In-house as well as external visitors are welcome to learn more about the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection in general and the astonishingly diverse Ghyczy Collection in particular.
Parts of library holdings displayed in the Exhibition Space:
• The most spectacular, delicately bound, unique and precious items from Ghyczy Ignácz’s Collection specially selected to be showcased.
• A selection from Ghyczy Ignácz’s agricultural and horticultural book collection
• Rare periodicals dating back to before 1851, most of which are also part of Ghyczy’s bequest
• The unique part of the Hungarian Parliamentary Collection dating back to before 1849 including György Gyurikovits’s Collection
• Documents of the Transylvanian Diet
• All the large- or irregular-sized books from rare books stacks.

As of today 2566 volumes are placed in the Exhibition Space. A significant part of the books on display is hand-picked from the bequest of Ignácz Ghyczy (1799–1870), renowned MP and established book collector. The books related to the National Assembly belong to the bequest of Pressburg county magistrate and parliamentary envoy, György Gyurikovits (1780–1848).


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