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Information Services for MPs

Information Service for MPs (Infoservice) provides the Members of the Parliament and their staff with information and research services. The general principles of the services are professionalism, accuracy, impartiality and confidentiality.

The Infoservice, in addition to answering individual enquiries, supports the work of the Members of the Parliament with proactive background materials as well.

Background materials

  • Infobriefings comprise of a brief description and proper references of the legal background, international treaties, EU legislation, national professional, political and civil opinions as well as statistical data on policy issues that are subject to the draft bills or at the focus of the current public policy.
  • Infotableaus are short information sheets focussing on statistical data, their visual display and description, on policy issues that are on the agenda of the National Assembly or part of the public discourse.
  • Analyses provide detailed analysis of the legislation and practice of EU Member States related to a given policy area.
  • Background materials for committee hearings are prepared prior to the appointment of ministers and other high-ranking civil servants or to supplement annual committee hearings.
  • Weekly Press Reviews provide reviews of media coverage of and political or professional response to news and events related to any subject areas relevant to the activities of standing committees.
  • Background materials for memorial speeches provide background to nationally or internationally observed anniversaries or holidays in order to facilitate the composition of ceremonial addresses.

Contact information

The services of the Infoservice are at the customers’ disposal via e-mail, the Parliament’s intranet, the internet or in person at the information desk by the Plenary Hall.

E-mail: infoszolg(at)


Inforbriefings, Infotableaus and Analyses are available on the website of the National Assembly:

During sitting hours, staff members of the Infoservice answer MPs’ enquiries at the information desk by the Plenary Hall.

Information desk at the Plenary Hall

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