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During the use of the online catalogue of the Hungarian Parliament Library the search results list may present records that are not part of the collections of the library, but are part of online databases. This type of online catalogue is called discovery catalogue.

Beside the library’s main collection items, if a presented record’s fulltext version can be accessed using online databases that the library has subscription to (or the fulltext can be accessed via open access), the discovery catalogue presents the fulltext option in a highlighted way.

However, in the search results list of the discovery catalogue there may be records for which the library has no subscription to access the fulltext version. These records are presented in the search results list because of the professional opinion of the library staff states that these records are representing high value, and in terms of content the records are compatible to the library’s collections.

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How does this work?

Library's OPAC-Plus service provides simple, one-stop searching for books and articles, digital content, and more. The service also helps you manage your research.

in order to:

  • save search results and search queries
  • to export records to reference applications (EasyBIB, Refworks, Endnote Web, RIS-export);
  • to request printed materials (reading room lending, lending, renew of lending);
  • remote access to online databases (e. g. EBSCO, JSTOR, ProQuest);
  • to start a Rapid-request for a Central Discovery Index material

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What can I look for?

Read what databases are included in the catalogue:

Special search options in the catalogue

Search journals that are available in the library via print or online version ("Journal Search").

Fulltext newspaper articles that are available in databases that the library has access to ("Newspaper Search").

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 Where can I get help?

Ask a librarian how to start your search.